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Established in 2010, with scores of satisfied members, aims to provide you with analysis, systems and strategies to help you make your racing pay. Our expert team adopt a systematic approach to betting and will provide you with systems, selections and information that will help to give you an edge. Join now for just £29.99 and receive a 12 month membership.

What will win the Grand National? Get our system for the big race

The most famous race in the world takes place at Aintree on Saturday. To most punters the National is more of a lottery than a horse race. However, while the race has certainly produced a number of shock results down the years, there are some clear statistical trends that can be used to narrow down the field to the live contenders. We have analysed those trends and have turned them into a profitable betting system for the big race. Read more...


Get our Grand National verdict and system selections

The Grand National takes place this Saturday at Aintree at 16.15 and will be watched by millions up and down the land. We hve considered the form and have calculated the data for our Grand National system to come up with the four best bets for the race, based on the historic statistical trends.

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Profit from our pace ratings with a back-to-lay strategy

We have upgraded our critically aclaimed pace ratings to make them even more accurate and have conducted in-depth research to show that they can be highly profitable as part of a back-to-lay strategy. The strategy is simple. You back the horse that the ratings flag as likely to take an early lead before the race, and then lay it to a certain stake during the race. We demonstrate how to implement the strategy and point you towards some software that does the hard work for you. Read more...

Can the Kelly formula help you to win a fortune? We test the theory

The Kelly criterion is a formula that tells a gambler how much of their betting bank to bet on each round of a profitable gamble so as to maximise the growth rate of their wealth. Famous gamblers and investors like Edward Thorp used Kelly when counting cards at blackjack. The claim has also been made that well-known successful investors including Warren Buffett and Bill Gross also use Kelly methods. What is this 'magic' formula? Does it work in practice? We test the theory in practice. Read more...

The ProSelect Service


Our ProSelect service provides selections everyday and since it started in 2010 it has recorded an overall profit for our members.

Big Race Selections


In 2012 our Big Race Selections service picked a number of long priced winners and in 2012 the team made a profit of 43 points and a rate of return of 20 per cent on total stakes invested.
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Pace Ratings


Members have access to unique pace ratings for every flat race run in Great Britain and Ireland. The ratings appear only on this site. Read more...