• Can the jockey stay on the horse? Unseated rider statistics for 2016/17

    In previous articles down the years I have written up plenty of my research on jockey’s. In all the research I have done – and some of it got fairly complex – there is one simple metric that seems to be a good discriminator of jockey ability. The statistic that seems to be matter, from a winner finding point of view, is the ability of a jockey in National Hunt racing to be able to stay in the saddle! Basically jockey’s that regularly unseat are bad bets. They might be riding the favourite but if they have a habit of falling off then you need to know this before placing a bet.

    Unfortunately, and to my surprise you can’t find statistics on the subject of unseated rides from the usual sources such as the Racing Post website. There is plenty of data about wins and rides over hurdles and fences, prize money won and the number of place finishes, and even minimum riding weight over the last twelve months, but nothing on how good a jockey was at actually staying on his mount. Of course this is a good thing for those prepared to bother with compiling their own statistics because it is a little bit of information that isn’t readily available to other punters and layers and therefore might not be reflected in the horses odds, giving a bit of value to those with the extra bit of data.I've compiled the latest statistics from the last NH season.

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