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About Us


We aim to provide you with latest analysis, systems, selections and betting strategies to help you make your racing pay. Our expert team will aim to provide you with advice that will help to give you an edge over the bookies and against other punters backing and laying horses on the exchanges.

The defining feature of this site is that it is dedicated to a systematic approach to betting on horse racing. Therefore the analysis that you find on these pages considers form from a scientific point of view, by focusing on evidence and data rather than guesswork. 


In line with our scientific philosophy the systems that you will find on this site are based on painstaking research on the results of thousands of races run in Great Britain and Ireland over the last dozen years or more, covering both flat and National Hunt racing. We also have lots of useful tips on how you can go about developing your own systems, and identifying duff ones. 


Overall we hope that you find this site informative and rewarding.

We are currently closed to new members, but will open up some memberships in due course.

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