What is our Jump-2-Profit service?

Our Jump-2-Profit service aims to provide value based winners for our members. It takes into account scores of form factors and uses sophisticated statistical techniques to combine them into a probability score.

The probability score selects the horse in a race that has the greatest chance of winning but also provides an estimate of the odds that would represent the true odds for the horse winning the race. Therefore if you bet the horse at odds greater than the true odds of the horse winning then you will have made a value bet. A punter who bets in this way should, in the long run, do better than one that ignores the concept of value. It is making value bets that is the key to profitable betting.

The Jump-to-Profit service aims to provide a daily set of selections for every handicap hurdle and chase run in Great Britain and Ireland. The odds (expressed as decimal odds as on the betting exchanges) are our assessment of the 'true' odds of the horse winning or losing. The oddsline is generated from a statistical analysis, using Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques, fro horses past performance data. 

Jump-to-Profit odds can be used as a guide to assess whether or not a horse is a value bet. The service provides the name of the horse that is assessed as having the highest probability of winning, and the decimal odds that represent it's true odds of winning the race. The objective is to secure a price over those odds.

To take advantage of our Jump-2-Profit advice service simply click this link to become one of our members.