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Juvenile races can be profitable for punters and I've come to love these types of race because several years ago I uncovered a profitable little system for them which has shown a smallish but consistent rate of return over the years, and it is still making a profit.


When developing betting systems it often pays to keep things simple. I have found time after time that you are better off basing systems around the core form factors and then thinking about ways in which you can exploit blind spots in the market to attain value.


A few years ago I developed a simple system for two-year-old races that is based on just six simple factors that can be found easily in the Racing Post newspaper or website.


My results, taken over a three-year period, show that the simple system outlined  found 366 selections and had 165 winners, representing a strike rate of over 45 per cent. This keeps losing runs short and is good from a psychological point of view because you are frequently at the payout window. The overall profit to a 1-point stake was almost £56, giving a rate of return of over 15 per cent. A profit was recorded in all years.


More recently the system has been further tested in 2019 and 2020. The results again show consistency. They show that in the period from May 2019 to June 2020 the system recorded a strike rate of 45 per cent and made a profit at the Betfair Starting Price, earning a rate of return of just over 11 per cent. 


This short ebooklet gives you the rationale for the system and full details of how to implement it.

A Simple System for Two-Year-Old Races

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£7.50Sale Price
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