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The Profitable Penalty System is incredibly system. It uses just three variables and can be implemented very easiily using a daily newspaper that carries racecards.


In the test period for this system from 4th May 2019 to 3rd June 2020 this simple system recorded 178 selections and 57 winners. This represents a winning strike rate of 32 per cent. The average price of the winning selections was around 2.5 to 1.


A one unit stake on each selection made a profit of 13 per cent for every unit staked at the Betfair Starting Price. This simple system won't make you rich but it will be a useful addition to your system portfolio.


The Profitable Penalty System

£14.99 Regular Price
£7.50Sale Price
  • This short ebooklet is published as a pdf 

  • Our members can access this system for free. It is available in the 'research' section of our website. 

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