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What is our ProSelect service?

ProSelect is a selection service that makes race selections by combining the expertise of a carefully researched algorithm, that combines a number of key winner finding variables, with the expert judgement of a horse racing expert.


The algorithm highlights the horse that is the most likely winner of the race. However, rather than betting on those selections blindly ProSelect combines the advice of the algorithm with that of a human expert - a form expert of many years experience - and it is only when the predictions of the algorithm and the expert coincide does ProSelect make a selection.

Market Analysis

There is a lot of scientific literature which suggests that more accurate predictions can be made about an event - in this case the results of horse races - when well researched algorithms are combined with expert professional judgement. The data suggests that when the judgements of experts and computers are combined they produce more accurate predictions than in isolation. This is the scientific rationale behind the ProSelect service.

The consequence of combining the predictions of the algorithm and the human expert is that the  service is highly selective and only makes several selections per week on average.


The racing expert confines his form study to non-handicap flat and jump races because it is in these races that he believes that a long-term profit can be made.


Furthermore the racing expert prefers to restrict his focus to horses that he believes have a high probability of winning. This more often than not means that ProSelect selections are favourites and often short-priced favourites. In the opinion of the expert this has a number of advantages that give him an edge.


Firstly most punters do not like betting on short-priced favourites but all the research suggests that you are more likely to make a long-term profit by betting on short priced favourites than on long-shots.


Secondly, the market provides important information and short-priced favourites have a high strike-rate. This means that losing runs are shorter and winning runs are longer, and thirdly, high strike rates and shorter losing runs are good for confidence.


The algorithm itself has also been programmed to only make selections on horses that it considers to have a better than 50% probability of winning.

In terms of staking the expert strongly believes that a betting bank should be set aside exclusively for betting purposes and should be completely separate from household expenses. This means that you should only bet with money that you can afford to lose.


A set proportion of the betting bank should be bet on each selection. The expert applies a staking formula that sometimes will vary the proportional stake to increase it slightly if there is reason to believe that the selection has a stronger chance. However, ProSelect advises a 5% proportional stake as standard and that should be used on each selection, unless members are advised otherwise.

The racing expert also only bets on the betting exchanges because these offer the best value. However, you may be able to gain a bigger edge by getting the best available price about each selection.


In term of proofing the ProSelect selections all winning bets are assumed to be placed at the reported Betfair Starting Price (BSP) and a 5% commission rate is deducted from all winnings.

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