• Time for a change? The ability of horses to adapt to new conditions

    I’m not a big fan of change. Some might say that this is because I’m at a certain stage of life. You know the one. The balding, fat and post-forty phase. The fact is though I’ve never really liked change. The adventure of foreign travel to me has always been stressful. Why waste your precious holiday time by going somewhere new when you know the place you went last year will be hard to beat? For the same reasons I also like to eat at the same restaurants when I go out. The last time I tried anywhere new I got food poisoning. For these reasons I’m suspicious of change, and especially when the only reason for making a change is because someone tells you ‘it’s time for a change’. Racehorses appear to share my view on life. Unfortunately their trainers keep on insisting that they need to embrace change and keeping trying out for them new race classes, new going or new distances. The data suggests that change is seldom profitable when it comes to horses encountering new race conditions.

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